Do belbien products meet fire ratings?

Belbien products without MT seris are fire-safety certified. Belbien meets very high standards and carries Class A (class 1) and CE mark and IMO (international marine organisation) fire and smoke ratings. As such Belbien can be installed in high rish areas such as elevators, public transportation, healthcare facilities, airports, cruise and marine, office buildings. For more information please refer to tech book page 13.

How hard wearing is it?

It is as hard wearing as the substrate you apply it to. It can be applied to most substrates from plasterboard, MDF, HPL Board, metals and best of all stainless steel.

If it does get damaged can it be repaired?

One of the greatest advantages of Belbien is that damage can be easily repaired. Furthermore only minimal downtime is required for renovation projects such as lift cabins, doors or reveals which is great for keeping the costs down for downtime and little to no disruption for high traffic areas.